A Lighting Workshop presented by UK Photo Academy & TerryMc Photography

This workshop covers everything you need to know about getting started with off-camera flash and studio lighting.

Topics covered include:

  • Moving the flash off-camera
  • Remote triggering methods
  • How to measure light
  • Getting started with a one-light set-up
  • Building a two and three light set-up
  • Light modifiers - different types, their uses and benefits
  • Different lighting patterns, how to achieve them and when to use them
  • High-key and Low-key lighting set-ups

The workshop will be practical and 'hands-on' and will include studio shooting time with two models using a high-key infinity cove and a low-key lighting set. A full set of course notes will be provided.

The cost of the workshop is £50.00 and payment must be made at the time of booking.*

Early Booking Discount:
Book your place before 4th March and receive a £5.00 booking discount

Special Offer!
Each delegate will receive a voucher giving 20% discount off their first booking at Millwood Studios.


About Terry McNamara:
Terry McNamara is a professional freelance photographer. Terry studied photography at Salford City College and on completion of his course was offered a teaching position at the college.  He immediately started teaching photography.  In order to further develop his teaching skills Terry then embarked on a new course of study at Bolton University where he obtained a Professional Diploma in Education.

Terry now shares his time between working as a photographer and photography tutor. He teaches a minimum of six courses per year at Salford City College and his classes are regularly oversubscribed.  Terry's passion and enthusiasm is contagious and he loves watching his learners develop their own love and passion for photography.

Lighting an image is one aspect that Terry enjoys most and he has spent a great deal of time learning and perfecting lighting methods. His speciality is low-key, vintage portrait lighting using a single light source, a style of lighting that features heavily in portraits of the Hollywood screen icons.



* Booking Terms: Booking fee is non-refundable. However, in the event that you are not able to attend you may transfer the booking to a third party.